The Carrenza Channel Partner Programme

More and more companies are realising the benefits of cloud-based computing, and are bringing their IT services to the cloud. IT vendors therefore need to find ways to fulfill this need if they want to retain or attract customers.

Whether your company is a managed service provider (MSP), independent software vendor (ISV) or systems integrator (SI), you want to be able to provide your customers with everything they need, but establishing your own cloud offering can be risky, expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why Carrenza has created a channel partner programme. Established to provide MSPs, ISVs and SIs with the cloud solutions their clients demand, this is a simple and low-risk option for both future-proofing your business and ensuring you’re able to keep up with the competition as the popularity of ‘as a service’ models continues to grow.

Three types of partner

With our channel programme, there are three different partner levels for you to choose from. Each one is designed for a specific set of requirements, making it easy to find a solution that suits your needs.

  • Referral partner

This is for organisations that want to offer the Carrenza Cloud to their customers, without having to manage the IT environment or have a contract with the end user. As a referral partner, you’ll benefit from a reward scheme, which is based on set discount levels.

  • Reseller partner

With the reseller programme, you resell the Carrenza Cloud based on a set discount level. This choice is ideal for businesses that are just getting started in the cloud market.

  • Delivery/white label partner

If you’re looking for a way to offer clients your own cloud solution, but don’t want to spend valuable resources on building your own service from scratch, the delivery/white label scheme is the perfect choice. With this partner programme, you can sell our award-winning infrastructure to your own customers, while enjoying minimal set-up time and the ability to brand it as your own.

Get the I.T. support you need with Carrenza

To find out more about our channel partner programme, get in touch today.

We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and explain further how you can use our channel scheme to reduce the risk and cost of building your own cloud service, while increasing the value you bring to the market place.

Simply phone us on 0845 337 0827. Or if you’d like to see for yourself just how powerful the Carrenza Cloud can be, why not register for a free test drive?