Carrenza helps Red Nose Day raise record breaking total

RND 13 Post Event Image

Red Nose Day 2013 was a massive success; raising more than £75 million so far, the highest end of night total in Comic Relief’s 25 year history!

“It is always unpredictable as to what’s going to happen on the night and Carrenza played a crucial role in making thousands of online donations possible, and we’re hugely grateful for their support,” says Philip Latham, Head of Future Media and Technology, at Comic Relief.

Award winning Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider Carrenza has been a key technology partner since 2008, when they took Red Nose Day into the Cloud for the first time for the 2009 campaign. For this Red Nose Day, Carrenza helped Comic Relief to develop an evolved cloud strategy, enabling them to take a more flexible approach by using multiple cloud applications for Red Nose Day 2013, selecting the most suitable technology for each specific requirement.

“The advice and support we received from Carrenza enabled us to select and use the right technology solutions for Red Nose Day,” continues Latham. “As a key technology partner Carrenza provides us with the peace of mind that they are going to be able to support us and provide an excellent service whatever technical challenges are thrown at them.”

The Carrenza IaaS platform, built on industry leading HP, VMware and Cisco technology, was used to deliver core applications, such as Red Nose Day’s event registration, management and fundraising system, and the PayPal platform.

For the first time Carrenza’s IaaS also supported a large CloudFoundry PaaS implementation. Comic Relief ran their new donations application on top of CloudFoundry, an open source project initiated by VMware which provides a choice of clouds, developer frameworks and application services.

Dan Sutherland, CEO of Carrenza, comments: “We are delighted to work alongside our partners to provide technology services to support Red Nose Day. As people become more tech-savvy and technology continues to play an increasingly important role in everyday life, it is vital to Comic Relief that they are able to keep up with the pace of change and deliver technology that supports their fundraising goals.”

The key technology partners, led by Carrenza, continue to help Comic Relief develop an evolved and more flexible cloud strategy. One that enables them to use the best solution for each business and technical challenge, helping them to maximise the income they generate during Red Nose Day.