Making the Transition to SaaS

Key areas to consider – a white paper for software vendors

The IT market has undergone a paradigm shift with all major IT vendors now offering a range of cloud based “as-a-Service” offerings. Responding to the increased uptake from end-user organisations increasingly looking to the cloud for on-demand IT services, independent software vendors (ISVs) are having to respond to demand and stave off the threat of increased competition.

There are many different factors that ISVs will need to be aware of if they wish to make SaaS a success – and these are not just limited to understanding the technology and how it will fit into an existing business. There are also a range of financial implications to consider as well, while organisations also need to be aware of any business and compliance issues that are likely to arise as a result.

This white paper looks to address these key challenges ISVs face when looking to successfully transition from a client-server to SaaS model for their business.

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