Are you able to take your firm to the next level?

While there’s still a long way to go until the country is well and truly past the worst of the economic downturn and back to its best, there’s no doubt that the UK’s economy is on the up, with recent positive figures such as GDP growth estimates promising the sort of good news that hasn’t been seen for many years.

Within this environment, it’s therefore no surprise that more small firms and keen entrepreneurs are looking to expand their businesses and move into new products, services and markets. And this is something that should be welcomed by everyone, as a thriving economy is dependent on ambitious business owners looking to take the leap to the next level.

Indeed, for many of these companies, expanding their geographical presence in order to bring their businesses to new customers is the way forward – whether this is a local firm looking to go national or even head overseas for the first time. Recent figures from the Federation of Small Businesses, for instance, suggest a net balance of 24 per cent of its members expect their exports to rise in the next three months.

And with the advancements made in digital technology and e-commerce lately, it’s easier than ever for British businesses to sell their goods overseas. Indeed, research by IMRG has found that 17.5 per cent of orders placed with UK companies now come from buyers based overseas.

Of course, coping with this new era of growth will demand a clear strategy to underpin all your activities. With business growth now a priority for so many companies, being able to ensure every part of the organisation is able to handle this is imperative – and this may range from hiring new staff to upgrading your technology.

Having the right solutions, in the right place, at the right time is central to this. The tools a company chooses need to help support its growth strategy, both now and in the future. Often, this will demand a flexible approach that’s able to adapt as a business grows. Therefore, you need an open-ended strategy that is scalable and doesn’t leave you locked into a vendor. Get this right now and you’ll be well set to help your business make it to the next level.

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