A bright future for vendors on G-Cloud 6

G-Cloud 6 launched a couple of weeks ago, the latest iteration of the UK Public Sector IT procurement framework has the most vendors and services yet available for government buyers to choose from. But the G-Cloud framework is still facing criticism about the number of vendors actually transacting. While on the face of it there appears to be a problem, I think the reality is very different and here’s why. […]

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How G-Cloud has opened up new and exciting opportunities to SME’s

Source: www.itproportal.com/ By:Dan Sutherland | February 17, 2015 There is no doubt in my mind that G-Cloud has helped to widen the playing field and open up public sector opportunities to SME suppliers like Carrenza and at the end of the day that was what it was designed for. G Cloud’s “quicker, cheaper and more competitive”[…]

Apple’s partnership with IBM: A potential game-changer for business ICT

This blog post first appeared in TechRadarPro on 24th July 2014.

No one ever gets fired for choosing IBM. It’s one of the truisms of business. And indeed for the corporate IBM has always been the ‘safe’ choice. Received wisdom remains that if an IT administrator chooses an IBM system and something goes wrong, people will put it down to the nature of computing technology. People might grumble, but the incident will probably be forgotten. […]

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Why retailers can all learn from Marks and Spencer’s recent website infrastructure problems

This blog post first appeared in Internet Retailing on Friday 18th July 2014.

There’s been a lot said in the media recently about the poor performance of Marks and Spencer’s new ecommerce platform. A reduction in online sales by 8.1% is certainly a headline grabbing number; but behind those figures is something that has not made the headlines, which is very pertinent for users of cloud computing services and, in particular, any business that uses the public cloud for its critical business systems. […]

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