Blog: Tackling data sovereignty with DevOps and the cloud

Tackling data sovereignty with DevOps ..

Cloud has brought with it more focus around data security. With organisations asking where their data is, to be sure of what will happen to information held in the event of law changes, Brexit, GDPR, Rule 41 ..

Why apprentices are key to keeping London at the forefront of world technology

This blog post first appeared in ITProPortal on Wednesday 5th August 2015.

Personally I have been struck by the current discussion around digital skills, particularly the lack of support for training in these skills at a time when they are so highly sought after. There has been a lot of focus on how to close the skills gap and it seems that bridging this gap and the influx of capital are the big challenges that lay ahead if London is going to try and cement its place as one of the leading worldwide technology hubs. […]

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Are you ready for the new ecommerce landscape

It’s not in any doubt that the advent of ecommerce has had a profound impact on retailers in the last few years, with the number of people making purchases via the web exploding. In 2012, the global industry surpassed the $1 trillion (£7600 billion) mark for the first time, and in the UK alone, it’s estimated that the sector is set to grow by 17 per cent this year, with the average consumer spending £78 online in January.


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