Enterprise Cloud

As an award-winning provider of IaaS and PaaS, Carrenza develops solutions that meet the specific demands of our clients. As part of our commitment, we’ve sourced industry-leading technology, capable of replacing the internal systems of your enterprise. Our cloud-based platforms are designed to create a recognisable environment that incorporates the tools and technologies you are use to running[…]

Public Sector Cloud / G Cloud provider

Carrenza’s OFFICIAL IaaS Cloud is a secure cloud service that supports digital transformation, transactional systems, and legacy environments, including Oracle hosting. The service is available via the internet and PSN, including PSN Protect and PSN Assured, and is ideal for test, development and production environments. Focussed on delivering secure and highly available services across the[…]

Managed Services

Carrenza’s Managed Services are designed to support customers in the process of implementing and maximising the on-going value received from Carrenza’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). These services are delivered by a team of experienced cloud engineers; providing guidance, support and expertise to our customers both proactively and on demand. Carrenza’s Managed Service options are designed[…]

High performance

Carrenza understands that you need to rely on the infrastructure supporting your applications. Delivering highly available systems with 99.99% uptime has become more or less expected. The challenge now facing businesses as they move their workloads to the cloud is delivering this availability alongside the high performance characteristics required to deliver critical business and customer[…]


Choice for your workloads. Carrenza has gained years of expertise in multi-cloud computing services operating in a single architecture. As an enterprise you will be using several applications, either cloud-native or legacy, to run your business and these will require multiple infrastructure platforms (laaS, managed or on-premise) to operate. Carrenza designs and manages different cloud[…]


Automation and orchestration is all about DevOps. When deploying workloads and applications to the cloud, you need the tools and expertise in place to improve performance, increase agility, and reduce costs. Carrenza provides cloud automation, deployment and management as a united offering, along with cloud orchestration. We have a team of DevOps and cloud engineers to assist in cloud automation projects.[…]

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