Setting up a continuous delivery process

How to set up a continuous Delivery using Gitlab, Jenkins, Chef, RUNDECK and SaltStack

By Mark Newman, Systems Architect at Carrenza

In this video you will see Mark Newman, Systems Architect at Carrenza illustrate via white board a continuous delivery process using DevOps tooling with GitLab for version control.

In this instance, Mark llustrates how to host your application ‘somewhere’: ‘Somewhere’ to mean either AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Carrenza Cloud or any cloud provider; using nothing but code.

The three stages spoken about here are:

  1. Application
  2. Platform
  3. Infrastructure

Mark follows a phased approached to building scripts, these are:

  1. A build phase
  2. A test phase
  3. A release phase

Mark shows a continuous integration process using the following tools for the following elements:

Gitlab: For version control (

Jenkins: As the continuous integration component (

Chef: The configuration management tool (

Rundeck – The deployment user interface (

Salt – The platform orchestrator (

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