Proud sponsors of: Government ICT 2.0 2016

Discover the great work happening within the public sector

Join us as we sponsor ‘Government ICT 2.0’

We shall be present at this years Government ICT to offer you a fine barista brewed coffee, hold host to an interactive seminar session about cloud automation and workload portability.

Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Location: QEII Conference Centre, Westminster

gov ictCarrenza seminar

The Carrenza team will also hold host to an hour seminar which aims to be an interactive discussion on ‘The advantages of highly automated clouds’.

Taking advantage of cloud computing for development purposes, and the running of production systems has become a de facto approach for most organisations, government sector departments and small businesses alike. Being able to manage this in a fully automated and secure manner however can still prove challenging, and even more so now that many are working and managing a multi-cloud environment spanning across a number of different providers. Join us to explore our findings having worked with many public sector organisations and enterprises alike.

Learning points

  • The benefits of cloud Automation & Dev-Ops and what it looks like
  • How to manage a Multi-Cloud infrastructure
  • Using opensource tools for application delivery
  • Compliant as standard


Matthew  McGrory, Managing Director, Carrenza
Jason Reid, CTO, R3 Labs

Reasons to attend

This event brings together a large group of IT and digital leaders from across the public sector, dedicated to invoke and refashion public sector ICT.

About our sponsorship

The Carrenza team will hold host to one seminar slots focusing on: The advantages of automated clouds.

As a provider of IT services to a number of government departments we are proud to sponsor this year’s Government ICT conference. I think attending an event such as this allows us to showcase the innovative work we deliver in helping various public sector departments on their cloud journeys as well as demonstrate how we can use this experience to benefit others.

Why attend Government ICT 2.0?

This event will help you discover the great work happening within the public sector, and we will be amongst many other technology leaders, discussing how IT and Digital technology innovation can shape the future of public and private services.

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