HP investment highlights importance of open-source cloud

If there were any doubts remaining about the importance of cloud computing to the tech industry, HP’s recent announcement it is to invest more than $1 billion into the area should dispel any remaining notions about this.

The move is a serious commitment for the firm – and it’s great news for the cloud industry as a whole to have this level of support from one of the major players. Dan has already talked about what this means for the fast-growing Hybrid Cloud market, but it’s not the only part of the industry that’s set to get a big boost as a result of this cash injection.

One of the big positives about this investment is the support it offers to key open-source solutions. With HP extending its commitment to OpenStack technology, this will do a huge amount to guarantee the future of open-source in the cloud.

So why is this so important? Open-source is increasingly being used as the foundation of many cloud projects because it offers so much to developers, in terms of flexibility, customisation and cost savings.

The collaborative approach open-source promotes also helps ensure new innovations and ideas are being created all the time. OpenStack, for instance, has over 150 companies supporting its mission through either architectural input, code contributions, or incorporating it into their business offering.

It also means companies aren’t trapped in vendor lock-in, as would be the case with many proprietary solutions – which also typically come with large licensing fees that might put the most advanced technology out of the reach of many firms. Again, this is not an issue with open-source.

In an environment where companies are facing a wide range of challenges to get their IT solutions effectively supporting their business, the agility and freedom provided by open-source technology can be a key factor that helps ensure success and propels them ahead of their competitors – it’s why we rely on these tools when assisting our own customers.

So the strong show of support from HP can only be a good thing, and it signals there are exciting times ahead for the OpenStack community.

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