Cloud Automation

Cloud automation and orchestration is all about DevOps

When deploying workloads and applications to the cloud, you need the tools and expertise in place to improve performance, increase agility, and reduce costs.

Carrenza provides cloud automation, deployment, and management as a united offering, along with cloud orchestration. We have a team of DevOps and cloud engineers to assist in cloud automation projects.

The role of cloud automation and orchestration

Typically cloud automation is all about tasks, whereas orchestration is the automation of processes and workflows and the specific ordering of automated tasks across tiers and machines.

Cloud automation from Carrenza

Carrenza builds and uses automation tooling to assist enterprises to get to the cloud faster, transform internal operations, and improve operational performance.

Our cloud automation team enables client-side developers to spin up servers in seconds, experiment with new ideas and take innovation to market much quicker, focusing on:

Supporting an agile environment with continuous deployment in support of Innovation, improvement, and repetition.

Architecture automation
Creating a solid foundation for a self-healing environment.

Configuration management
Scale rapidly and centralise the configuration required to deliver services.

Security automation
Automating your deployments reduces the risk of human error, improves compliance, and protects your critical data.

Deployment automation
Streamline deployment and testing cycles to reduce manual configuration.

Containers / Docker
Containers allow you to focus on creating new features, fixing issues and shipping software.

Experts in automation and orchestration

Our DevOps team are accredited to work with a range of cloud solutions providers, and open source DevOps tools which assist the automation process. These tools and processes often look like the following:




Watch the video

In this video, you will see Mark Newman, Systems Architect at Carrenza talk through our orchestration and automation process. Titled; ‘how to set up a continuous delivery process’, with Github.

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