De Bijenkorf (Selfridges Group)

Leading Luxury Retail Chain Hosts its Ecommerce Platform with Carrenza

De Bijenkorfde Bijenkorf (owned by the Selfridges Group). Ecommerce Intershop platform with Carrenza, a Dutch department store chain owned by the Selfridges Group, moves to a scalable and agile ecommerce platform with Carrenza, in collaboration with technology partners Intershop and Javelin Group.

About the client

De Bijenkorf is a Dutch department store, known for its high end department stores and luxury goods.  With a strong brand already established in the Netherlands, De Bijenkorf also has a large online presence from which they service customers across the world. In 2011, De Bijenkorf became part of the British based Selfridges Group.

The challenge

With a significant number of sales generated through their online store, De Bijenkorf needed a way to manage spikes in demand during busy periods, for example, during the Christmas holiday season or their famous Crazy Day sales.  De Bijenkorf required an ecommerce platform that could effortlessly handle peak demand, whilst also being integrated into existing systems.  It was also critical that the new platform was flexible enough to enable the retailer to rapidly respond to market changes such as pricing decreases or promotions, in order to capitalise on opportunities in real-time. De Bijenkorf couldn’t afford to risk a server outage during periods of peak demand, so finding a rapidly scalable solution was a top priority for the retailer.

“We needed a partner that could simplify scale up our capacity and Carrenza showed that they can deliver this with ease. In addition, they lead the way when it comes to the integration of Intershop applications. Carrenza ensures that we can deploy a highly reliable system that can handle even the heaviest loads. This allows us to provide the experience customers expect.”

Christiaan Mourik, Head Of Technology, De Bijenkorf

The solution

Carrenza worked in partnership with Intershop and Javelin Group to develop an intuitive eCommerce platform, with the infrastructure delivered as-a-service from Carrenza’s cloud located in the Netherlands.

Working closely with De Bijenkorf’s internal IT team, the three technology partners put a solution together that would provide a scalable and flexible hosted eCommerce platform which was ready to handle spikes in demand and deliver an outstanding service back to customers.

It was also important that the platform met all of the required compliance criteria for an online store; handling payments and sensitive customer data. Additionally, the eCommerce platform has been fully integrated into De Bijenkorf’s IT environment to deliver increased automation across their operations.

The eCommerce platform is hosted by Carrenza in its Amsterdam datacentre, ensuring that data remains within Holland’s borders for increased regulatory compliance and data security. With datacentre locations across the UK, Europe and the United States Carrenza can deliver hosting solutions to meet customers where they are, a critical element for retailers who need to be sure about where their data is hosted.

The benefits

De Bijenkorf now has an eCommerce solution in place that can scale up and down to meet customer demand; effortlessly handling spikes in visitor numbers during busy periods when promotions are running. This ability to scale to meet demand has also been automated, resulting in De Bijenkorf making savings by not investing in unused server capacity during quiet periods.  The system is tuned to run at optimum capacity and can flex up and down, ultimately resulting in a smoother and more reliable solution for customers.

New campaigns and promotions can now be deployed at speed, giving increased flexibility to the online platform compared with in-store operations. This results in higher sales and an improved customer experience for shoppers.

“With this platform, we need much less time and resources to prepare for big campaigns. We can quickly increase capacity to handle all the traffic.”

Christiaan Mourik,  Head of Technology, De Bijenkorf

Why Carrenza?

De Bijenkorf chose Carrenza based on their enterprise cloud offering and range of specialist hosting services, in addition to the existing relationship in place they enjoyed with eCommerce partners Javelin Group and Intershop.  The ability to partner closely with other specialist providers and deliver a solution compliant with the regulations that retailers needed to adhere to meant that Carrenza was the clear choice when it came to selecting a partner for their hosted eCommerce platform.

Combining deep industry knowledge with extensive technical expertise, De Bijenkorf selected Carrenza to host its eCommerce platform in order to deliver a great customer experience to clients whilst growing their online business.

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