Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud / IaaS and PaaS

Infrastructure as a Service for enterprise organisations

As an award-winning provider of IaaS and PaaS, Carrenza develops solutions that meet the specific demands of enterprise organisations.

As part of our commitment, we’ve sourced industry-leading technology, capable of replacing the internal systems of your enterprise.

Our cloud-based platforms are designed to create a recognisable environment that incorporates the tools and technologies you are used to running in-house. We offer high-availability storage and servers, carrier-class core networking and fully redundant data centres to provide the best service possible.

The benefits of Carrenza Enterprise Cloud

At Carrenza, we use a variety of technologies, including Cisco core networking, Juniper, VMware networking, Solidfire SSD storage and virtualisation from Oracle. What’s more, our hardware and software are both updated on a regular basis to ensure you always get to use the most up-to-date tools.

Shared application tier network storage

Storage on the Carrenza Cloud is powered by Solidfire SSD San’s. The underpinning technology allows contractual IOP’s guarantees to be put in place for specific workloads ensuring guaranteed performance.

The system is fully resilient locally and provided on a per-gigabyte model meaning you only pay for what you need.

Platform security and compliance

Carrenza has achieved:

  • ISO 27001:2013 status, the international standard for information security. Carrenza complies with nearly all ISO 27001 controls only excluding those that apply to software development from the twice-yearly audits that take place.
  • PCI-DSS version 3.1 certification for its Cloud Management platform ensuring robust audit controls are in place across the infrastructure.

Additionally, Carrenza provides services to the UK Government and delivers services that we OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE compliant.

Enterprise cloud with Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Ensuring your data is completely backed up is essential – after all, the client information and intellectual property that you store in the cloud is a major part of your business, and there could be dire consequences should something go wrong.

Carrenza provides numerous technologies that can assist with protecting your data and workloads. Typically provided as a consultative service Carrenza utilises leading technologies from HPe 3PAR, Solidfire (from NetApp, Veeam, Double-Take & Zerto to assist in providing its customers with backup and DR solutions that meet their budgets and technical requirements.


Depending on your requirements, a variety of different monitoring and reporting facilities are available. We use industry-standard Nagios for alerting and Cacti for reporting and can even send automated emails and SMS alerts at agreed thresholds. Real-time information is available online to authorised contacts, while monthly, quarterly and historical reports can also be sent out as necessary.

IaaS and PaaS from Carrenza

We have extensive experience in providing cloud-based solutions for clients in a wide range of business sectors.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a fully managed or self-managed system, and everything is provided on an on-demand basis, so you can rest assured you’re only paying for what you need.

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