GDPR Compliance Management Service

Carrenza GDPR compliance management serviceHelping you understand your readiness for GDPR compliance

By gathering information from within your organisation, the GDPR Compliance Management Service by Carrenza identifies the readiness to meet the compliance aims for the General Data Protection Regulation and its associated requirements.

Choose the service option that best suits your organisation 

  • Automated GDPR Data Scan of your technical environment highlights where existing data is currently located, specifically related to Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Consultant led GDPR Readiness Assessment is a review of your existing processes and procedures, from which we offer suggestions regarding how these could be improved.

GDPR Data Scan Report

  • Generated electronically by our Risk Intelligence software solution.
  • The solution scans as many devices as requested.
  • A detailed data report highlights existing PII data and the risks to compliance.
  • Also provides a detailed analysis of the devices and any vulnerabilities present.

GDPR Readiness Assessment Report

  • Provides an overview of how compliant your organisation is within the boundaries of the GDPR from a technical perspective
  • The report contains graphical representations of data and how the data is utilised within the organisation, in these key areas:

✓ Executive Summary
✓ Information Gathering & Data Flows
✓ Data Protection Impact Analysis

Key service features

Mix and match either item below as needed:

Automated Scan

2 options available

– Standard, less than 1500 devices
– Standard, more than 1500 devices

Consultant led review

2 options available

Basic – Limited review restricted to a single day engagement with a specific output
Standard – Full review of client’s processes and procedures

How the GDPR readiness assessment report looks

Part of the GDPR Readiness Assessment Report is the Data protection Impact Analysis shown below. It details the level of risk and the critical status of each Information Collection analysed during the audit.

GDPR Compliance Management Service

How we can help

If you’re looking for compliance assistance, Carrenza is here to help.

Our GDPR Compliance Management Service is just one solution from our compelling portfolio structure and designed to solve your business needs. With incredible support from our passionate in-house engineers and staff alongside an innovative offering to create the solution that you need.

PDF download: GDPR Compliance Management Service

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