High Performance

High Performance Cloud

Carrenza understands that you need to rely on the infrastructure supporting your applications.

Delivering highly available systems with 99.99% uptime has become more or less expected.

The challenge now facing businesses as they move their workloads to the cloud is delivering this availability alongside the high performance characteristics required to deliver critical business and customer facing applications.


How we guarantee your IOPS

Carrenza, in partnership with Solidifre, a Netapp business, are able to deliver a contractually backed performance guarantee on the underlying storage that supports the cloud platform. Carrenza does this by guaranteeing the IOPS on the storage layer delivered using Solidfire. IOPS or Input Output per Second is a key metric when measuring how fast storage responds to requests to read and write information.

Performance guaranteed

By delivering this guaranteed IOPS platform using Solidfire’s unique Quality of Service technology Carrenza can guarantee the performance of the storage underpinning your workload. Couple this with High performance Cisco networking and High Performance HP Enterprise Blade’s and you have a best in class cloud infrastructure solution delivering your businesses applications.

Control those ‘noisy neighbours’

With the ability to control ‘noisy neighbours’ Carrenza now gives businesses the ability to take advantage of the benefits of cloud infrastructure, like agility and improved value, without the need too worry about the performance of the infrastructure, ‘it just works’ is the message that we get back from our customers time and time again.

Carrenza offers a unique range of storage products in the cloud market including:

  • High Performance guaranteed IOPS storage
  • Production Storage
  • Backup Storage
  • Archive Storage
  • Public Cloud Nearline Storage delivered from Google’s storage platform.

We consult with customers to understand their needs and advise on the best way to get value from the infrastructure and storage budgets.

If you would like to see how the technology works feel free to contact us.

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