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Delivering a complete omni-channel platform with guaranteed IOPS

Carrenza ensured the re-platforming of Majestic Wine’s multi-device ecommerce website went without a hitch and visitors to enjoy the best experience in the wine business every time they log on.

Richard Weaver, Ecommerce Director at Majestic Wine comments:

“Majestic Wine has been online since 2000 and having operated our online store for more than a decade, we have seen our online sales grow to 11.4% of total sales.

“Increasing numbers of our customers are now using mobile devices to place orders while on the move, as a result we have seen our mobile sales grow by 55%, so last year we decided to re-platform in order to support the growth in online demand and the business’s ongoing growth.

“We teamed up with Carrenza and their partners at Intershop and Javelin Group to build a high availability ecommerce platform that could deliver the functionality we needed to operate a modern, multi-site online shop. We knew we needed a website that was robust enough to cope with increased mobile and tablet use and flexible enough to enable us to handle future growth.

“Carrenza ensure our customer experience is the best it can be, irrespective of whether it’s a peak period for us or not. Carrenza ensure Majestic can offer perfect user experience every time, replicating our in store experience when each and every one of our customers visits our website.”

The challenge

Majes c is the largest wine seller in the UK and operates over 200 stores na onally. The retailer o ers a highly diverse product range and di eren ates itself by the quality of its customer service and its highly knowledgeable in-store sta .

Richard Weaver and his team wanted to build on the business’s strong performance in online sales by developing a next genera on website to drive further growth and cope with increased demand.


So the key challenge would be for the solu on to provide a seamless and faultless user experience that enabled Majes c to o er their visitors great content, while being able to rely on its background infrastructure, at the busiest mes of the year.

The solution

Majes c Wine approached Carrenza and its partners and tasked them with developing and hos ng a mul -device ecommerce website that gave its customers a perfect experience across all aspects of the site and on all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. The new website also needed to o er device-op mised sites, an improved stock system that re ected local availability, advanced check-out processes that u lised PayPal payments, and 125,000 personal recommenda ons provided by Majes c Wine’s team of over 800 wine experts.

When Richard Weaver and his team made the decision to re-pla orm they knew they had to future-proof www.majes so it could support their long-term plans including enhancing the business’s ‘click and collect’ func on. Alongside real- me stock browsing based on local availability, the new ecommerce pla orm needed to support Majes c’s order ful lment model, which required secure integra on with Majes c’s back- end systems, together with customer-speci c ful lment preferences, to individual stores. The new website would also need to host the facility for local stores to post content and promote their own local events.

Search that goes beyond simple data points

Richard Weaver explains: “As a specialist wine retailer it is important that our product informa on showcases our exper se and clearly demonstrates the tangible bene ts of shopping with us. We wanted to go beyond providing ‘search’ on simple product data points – like price, wine colour, grape or region – to delivering comprehensive product descrip ons, videos, personalised recommenda ons and as much personality as possible.”

Replica ng the in-store experience online

Since the re-pla orm, Majes c Wine has been able to replicate the experience its customers receive in-store on the new website; including replica ng the unrivalled knowledge of wines and the expert advice its in store teams o er customers by including a personalised recommenda on func on, which taps into over 125,000 recommenda ons from the business’s team of UK wine experts.

Improved click and collect ordering

Weaver concludes: “We now o er customers a broader, more exci ng product range than ever before. Personal recommenda ons from our wine experts are online for the rst me and we’ve improved convenience by strengthening our click and collect o ering. Our new website takes our market-leading unique wine retail proposi on online and our merchandising teams can now make business decisions and see them live on the site in an incredibly short amount of me.”

How Carrenza helps Majestic Wine stay online

Carrenza combined their expertise as a specialist supplier of cloud solu ons with Intershop, a leading provider of omni-channel commerce solu ons and services, and leading retail consultancy Javelin Group to deliver a best-of-breed ecommerce platform to Majestic Wine.

Carrenza provide a fully managed Intershop Pla orm-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables Majes c Wine to use the power of Intershop’s ecommerce applica on as-a-Service in an automated, version controlled, tested and controlled environment that can be reliably, rapidly and reproducibly deployed. The result is a service with built in scalability and resiliency that is more cost e ec ve and easier to use; perfect for even the most demanding of ecommerce environments.


Dan Sutherland, CEO of Carrenza, concludes:

“Having an omni-channel presence isn’t an op onal extra any more, it’s vital to the survival of retailers at all levels of the market. Customer experience is more important than ever, so Majestic Wine needed a solu on that was both easy to deploy and easy to scale during their busiest periods, such as the summer and Christmas holidays.

“Using an Intershop PaaS gives Richard and his team the exibility and scalability required to meet the needs of his customers and ensures Majes c Wine are ready for any future growth.”

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