Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed services for your infrastructure

Designed to support customers in the process of implementing and maximising the on-going value received from Carrenza’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

These services are delivered by a team of experienced cloud engineers; providing guidance, support, and expertise to our customers both proactively and on demand.

Carrenza’s Managed Service options are designed to cascade, building up an ever more comprehensive solution.

Carrenza’s managed cloud services include:

Operating System Support

Operating System Support provides you with access to expert assistance with OS issues around the clock. Operating against our high-level SLA’s, our team will investigate and advise on issues with the Operating System of a Server and where required take written instruction to perform changes or restoration of a failed Server. Levels of support include:

365 x 24 x 7 OS Support:
Expert advice and support available 24×7 in the event of a major incident. Upon notification the customer or monitoring We will attempt to diagnose and if necessary restore a failed Server to a working state.

9 to 6 business day OS Support:
For less critical incidents we will provide the same expert advice and support, but tailored to the less critical timeframes of the priority, with the focus more on advice and less on support.


The starting point for effective support and management is intelligent monitoring. Carrenza monitors all supporting infrastructure and systems in their entirety 365/24/7.

Additional server monitoring applies with real-time alerts to you and the Carrenza 24/7 incident response team. If your server becomes unavailable Carrenza will reactively investigate the cause of the outage and where possible, recover your servers for you.

Patch Management

Carrenza can take the burden of regularly patching your Operating Systems away from you. All you need to do is give a monthly approval for the latest released patches to be installed at a mutually agreed upon time window.

Back-up and Restore

Our Back-up & Restore service allows you to protect both the essential files necessary for compliance and regulatory purposes and the whole servers required to ensure continuity of delivery of your applications and services to your teams and clients.

Backup Services are provided using industry-leading technologies for both agentless snapshots and agent-based granular file and bit-level backup.

Run Book Support Service

There may be occasions when incidents occur when your team, for whatever reason, is unable to support your systems. Should this occur, Carrenza engineers can handle incidents by following a pre-agreed Run Book of actions to restore your service.

Remote Hands

Under our Remote Hands Service, our engineers are your engineers. We take care of your entire server infrastructure, performing routine tasks and incorporating all of the benefits of support and management services.

Your servers are patched, monitored, supported, backed-up and restored. Our engineers will perform any system administration tasks you require up to and including the Operating System.

Disaster Recovery

Having a high-quality backup and disaster recovery (DR) provisions in place is essential for any enterprise. Without these solutions, any issues that take a company’s applications and infrastructure offline will be hugely costly, as for every hour offline, a business will be losing money – while incomplete backups can lead to the loss of valuable data. Therefore, speedy and complete DR solutions are a must for any company.

To help with this, Carrenza offers a range of virtual backup and DR solutions to suit the needs of any business. Take a look at our choices and determine which one is right for you.

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