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Carrenza facilitate sales growth for leading tier one bank

A tier one British banking group required a partner to develop and deploy a solution to reduce application implementation times, and the lengthy lead-in times they had been struggling with to get new services to market within their development team. The bank turned to Carrenza to help the deployment of a new application suite that covered many aspects of its customer-facing operations and starting with its CMS solution.

Auto-Dock ID from Experian

Carrenza enabled the banking group to achieve this by providing a full platform layer for compute and support services, including the central platform and the underlying infrastructure. Automating the application, installing Auto-Dock ID from Experian and key development processes allows the bank to dramatically shorten the time it takes to deploy a project, makes testing of changes much easier and boosts the agility and scalability of its applications.

The client

The client is one of the UK’s largest banking groups, serving millions of customers around the world through its various operations, such as personal banking, corporate operations and wealth management solutions.

In the UK, its retail operations serve over 24 million personal and business customers, with around 2,200 branches and 4,000 ATMs. In 2012, it offered £58 billion in loans to small businesses and advanced £16 billion of home loans.

The challenge

Within this complex structure, the retail arm of the business was attempting to migrate its technology solutions to a new environment, in order to improve its marketing and better serve its customers. The bank initially identified the need to move their CMS solution (development project) into a more scalable environment and wanted to be in a position to host its own applications in-house. However, upon consultation it was clear that the infrastructure environment needed to handle the anticipated demand was too much for their internal IT system to take on. The bank was also finding it challenging to roll out the CMS project quickly enough, with the timeline for the project already extending from six months to over a year and- a half.

The solution

The banking group engaged Carrenza to help speed up the delivery of the CMS project, utilising their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud offerings. To solve the challenge, Carrenza provided the bank with compute and support services at a platform layer, which helped build the solutions it needed from the start. The partnership gave the bank both the infrastructure to manage their CMS solutions and the PaaS that sits on top of it, delivering the tooling that automates the development and deployment processes of the infrastructure and the application.

Introducing AutoDoc-ID

AutoDoc-ID from Experian was implemented to boost productivity with the application of online ID verification tools, giving end users a state of the art customer experience.

The benefits of AutoDoc-ID

When customers apply for products and services online, it enables the bank to check identification documentation easily and quickly.

AutoDoc-ID is a 24/7 web-based document checking service where customers submit their identity documents by taking a photo of them and sending them. AutoDoc-ID verifies identity documents electronically in an instant, removing the need to provide physical copies to a branch or by post. This helps protect genuine customers from the risk of identity theft and fraud, whilst supporting compliance.

The Benefits

As a result of utilising Carrenza’s IaaS and PaaS, the banking group has been able to introduce an agile approach to their application development. Developers are now spending much less time working on manual processes with Carrenza’s automation tools enabling them to get key applications up and running in the quickest time possible. Testing has been greatly simplified and streamlined, allowing the business to experiment in order to find the right configurations, try new methods of doing things and ensure that business value was being delivered by the solutions as quickly as possible.

Carrenza’s cloud tools have provided the bank with a high level of agility, flexibility, and scalability, while the time it takes to complete processes has been greatly reduced. In the past, it took months to get approval and ensure that a solution was meeting all internal and regulatory requirements, but with the help Carrenza’s automation tools, many of these activities can now be completed in a matter of minutes.

Why Carrenza?

The banking group opted for Carrenza as its provider on the project via a recommendation from an existing supplier; a digital marketing agency that was already benefiting from Carrenza’s cloud tools. The high quality experience that this agency had seen from working with Carrenza on other projects meant they were the obvious choice when it became apparent the bank couldn’t deliver their CMS project internally. Since the project first went live, the bank has remained a loyal client to Carrenza, probiding hosting, IaaS and auto-dock tooling, predominantly as a result of the successful delivery of the CMS project at large.

Mathew McGrory, Managing Director of Carrenza comments:

“The agility of the Carrenza cloud means we’ve greatly improved the banks ability to innovative. The benefits of the service exceeded the initial aims of the project, the bank is now in a position to achieve new goals never anticipated before which is all down to the Carrenza platform.”

Because of these strong outcomes, the contract has since blossomed beyond its original scope, with Carrenza conducting work for other departments within banking group.

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