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Springboard to the cloud: SPARC, Solaris, OracleAccelerate, streamline and transform your organisation with our Springboard to the Cloud.

Turning the benefits of cloud technology into a reality for public sector organisations with legacy estates.

Technology and the digital economy has changed the way organisations do business; in terms of their IT operation, overall agility, and efficiency in terms of service delivery to the end user. Without the right technologies and processes in place, achieving this level of change or transformation to a more efficient state is nearly impossible.

And whilst public sector organisations understand the benefits of cloud technologies in terms of cost savings, IT operational efficiencies, and a platform for innovation, the full benefits for many, are still to be realised.

Managing the move to the cloud from on-premise legacy systems

Many public sector organisations are running large legacy estates, often as part of a large outsource via a prime contractor, which will take years to change. Unpicking the myriad of systems interwoven over the years isn’t easy. Starting again and building platforms from scratch sounds great but it is both time-consuming and expensive. From a people perspective, the re-training of staff takes time, contractors are becoming scarce because of IR35, and competition from the private sector means hiring new people already trained is becoming unaffordable. Coupled with this, over the next 12-24 months many outsourcing contracts are coming to an end and the inefficiencies found in many of these means it’s preferable not to renew or extend.

What to do with existing legacy environments?

Carrenza support X86 and non-X86 based legacy workloads that are not yet ready for digital transformation or hyper-scale cloud providers. Carrenza delivers this service from its two UK data centres designed to help public sector organisations looking to exit existing high-cost contracts with prime system integrators or moving away from their own data centres.

The benefit of using Carrenza’s Springboard service is it will help reduce your current costs whilst gaining other key advantages of moving to the cloud, for example; speed of deployment, faster time to market, increased agility and flexibility and hourly billing. You will also profit from working with the highly responsive Carrenza support team without the high costs and long response times typically associated with some of the larger contracts. Furthermore, the Carrenza Springboard service acts as a buffer as you undergo your transformation programme at your own speed and migrate to X86 and the hyper-scale providers.

The benefits of Carrenza’s Springboard

Carrenza’s experience is based on taking complex onsite IT environments and moving the parts that are ‘cloud-ready’ to public cloud environments, whilst providing migration paths and solutions for hosting legacy infrastructure that isn’t yet suitable for the cloud. As a trusted public sector IaaS provider you will get all of the benefits of moving to the cloud (speed, agility, flexibility, cost reduction, hourly billing, etc) whilst undergoing your transformation programme at your own speed. It is a process designed to lead an organisation through migration and installation, covering all bases and ensuring best-possible outcomes with cloud adoption at the centre.

The Carrenza Cloud PlatformsCloud Platforms for Public Sector Organisations


Read what one of our customers had to say about our approach. The project:

To migrate a well-known retail organisation’s e-commerce, IT and disaster recovery to a vendor-free cloud environment.

Initially hesitant about moving to consuming public cloud services, the client started working with Carrenza when they needed a partner to host their e-commerce platform. As they became more comfortable consuming cloud services for their e-commerce website, they looked at to moving their Disaster Recovery platform for their entire business over to the cloud.

Matt McGrory, Managing Director at Carrenza comments:

“Once the customer had invoked DR and was satisfied with its performance, Carrenza then worked with them to transition their cloud DR environment into being their live, primary production environment – so now everything is run from the cloud.This transformation had to be managed and transitioned carefully; our customer liked the springboard mentality of moving ‘cloudready’ workloads over first, and then carefully moving over more complex legacy systems in a controlled migration as it meant they could better manage risk”.

“We didn’t need to talk them into moving to the cloud; we instead let them test the public cloud for themselves by invoking the DR site to get a feel for the reliability and availability of the platform”.

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