Cloud hosting services to support public sector cloud adoption

By: Digitalisation World | September 7, 2017

New IaaS supports existing legacy applications as government heads for public cloud.

Carrenza, a Six Degrees Group company, has announced two major additions to its public sector cloud services infrastructure, designed to offer a ‘springboard to the cloud’ for public sector organisations aiming for digital transformation and public cloud adoption. The new services include an Oracle SPARC cloud for non-X86 workloads and an OVM cloud for X86 based Oracle workloads.

With many UK public sector, IT contracts to expire in the next three years, the Carrenza cloud platforms can be used as an affordable, high performance and secure venue for the public sector as they seek to embrace the flexibility of cloud computing. Public sector organisations running Oracle based legacy applications can easily transfer them to the new Carrenza cloud without needing to re-write code.

By adopting Carrenza’s Springboard service, Public Sector organisations will benefit from a cost-effective cloud platform that supports their existing applications, while improving infrastructure reliability. The services also enable users to build innovation and experimentation into their digital transformation strategies.

Partnerships with global public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure also allow Carrenza to move cloud-ready services to the public cloud and fully integrate them with legacy applications running on the Carrenza platform.

“These services offer public sector organisations the ideal springboard to the cloud,” commented Carrenza managing director Matthew McGrory. “The government at all levels is aiming to embrace the benefits cloud offers, but legacy application compatibility is not an overnight fix. These cloud instances enable the digital transformation process to move forward today, saving public money and enhancing the quality of IT services for both government departments and the public at large.”

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